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Artistic approach

Témoins du temps
Le voyageur (177x161.5cm).JPG
Impression (25x20cm)_edited.jpg

Break up with
and the classic look

During my artistic studies, I always had a strong inner pressure. Which pressure pushed me to wonder, to question myself each time the creation manifested itself in me. And, I often wondered whether there were other supports and mediums capable of supporting or best illustrating my creations. I thought during all this time that the so-called classical or academic supports and mediums were imposed on me by the training. So I found that restricting ...
When I leave schools and workshops, my attempts at answers lead me to question the environment while taking sustainable development into account. Who speaks of sustainable development speaks of life in general, a life in which we seem to ignore death although it is visible through our behavioral habits such as the production of waste, anarchic constructions in urban areas, ... 
This is why I have opted for recovery and recycling as suitable solutions to the problems of waste, in order to save not only the human species but also to clean up and protect our environment.

I offer them, then, a new life by assembling them ...

In this plastic artistic adventure, I go in search of objects and elements thrown, abandoned, left behind in the solitude and isolation where they are exposed to their own death. I offer them, then, a new life by assembling them, shaping them, shaping them, interweaving them ... In a word, I transform them. 

Every day of my life, besides teaching, I dedicate myself to this permanent ritual in which my hands execute my thoughts. And, these thoughts constitute my concepts in both painting and sculpture.
This is what gives the concepts Paper expression, Newsprint, Free canvases, Traditional mat, 
Classical supports in painting, and Witnesses of Time, Panels, Urban facades in sculpture.

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