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Visual Artist-Installer, Teacher

of Color and Associated Techniques, Trainer


(+225) 0707723880
(+225) 0504862516

(+225) 0103514222 (WhatsApp)



Bingerville,  Ivory Coast

BP 1010 Bingerville


25 years 

Impression (25x20cm)_edited.jpg

Who is Yapaud?

YAPO Yapo Patrick (Yapaud) was born in Grand-Akoudzin. He lives and works in Bingerville.
Plastic artist-installer, teacher of Color and Techniques associated with textiles at the Technical Center of Applied Arts (CTAA), Bingerville-Ivory Coast.
Yapaud, an eclectic artist, uses different techniques which he mixes in an interesting way.
His totems of different colors created with materials that are not part of the tradition, but which respect and exalt its language, are very impressive. The original technique used for collage, and often in his works, comes from the training of the artist, who was raised in his father's laboratory who made mats, made baskets, chairs, carved pestles, mortars ... 
His famous creation called Expression papier is made from strips or strips of paper that he braids and weaves, in order to present a mosaic of colors and shapes, as well as a play of pixels that translates the dynamics of life into all its facets.
Varying his creations in the search for supports and mediums, Yapaud participates in numerous exhibitions and consequently obtains distinctions.

Archeologia e Beni Culturali
Piazza Mercato Centrale, 26 - Firenze
Italy: +393485655321

Skype: +573217418071

Impression (25x20cm)_edited.jpg

Curriculum vitae




1997-2000: Artistic technical patent
2000-2002: Diploma in General Artistic Studies
2002-2004: Diploma of Higher Artistic Studies
2004-2006: Certificate of Pedagogical Aptitude for the Teaching of the Arts
2011-2013: Professional Master in Plastic Arts

2021: Festival of the Abolition of Slavery (Paris-France)
       Virtual exhibition `` Resilience '' confinement 2.0 (Paris-France)
2020: Exhibition at the Lycée International Jean-Mermoz Abidjan-Cocody
       (Ivory Coast)
2019: Assouindé-FARA Street Arts Festival (Ivory Coast)
      The Sixth Silk Road International Arts Festival in Xi'an (China) 
       Exhibition for the project `` Building our Territory Together '' 
       (Abidjan, Ivory Coast)
2018: Exhibition for the project `` Collection Fantôme '' (Abidjan-Ivory Coast)
2017: Artist residency at HEH-pedagogical campus (Mons-Belgium)
       Responsible for the sculptor competition at the Games of La Francophonie 
       ABIDJAN 2017 
       Exhibition "Olympe et ses Muses" Cap Sud (Abidjan-Ivory Coast)
2016: Workshop-performance and Exhibition (Mons - Belgium)

2015: Peint'Art 2015 (Abidjan - Ivory Coast)
      United States Embassy (Abidjan - Ivory Coast)
       Exhibition in Lebasquiat (Ivory Coast)
2014: Imago Mundo project by Luciano Benetton (Ivory Coast section)
       Special exhibition at Le Basquiat (Ivory Coast)                     2013: Participation in the Games of La Francophonie Nice (France)
       Collective exhibition of the Guy Nairay competition (Ivory Coast)
2012: Group exhibition in Perugia (Italy)
       Group exhibition at the Italian Embassy (Ivory Coast)
2011: Collective exhibition at the Palais de la culture (Ivory Coast)
       LELAB Gallery (Ivory Coast)
       Exhibition at the rotunda (Ivory Coast)
       Exhibition at BICICI (Ivory Coast)
2008: Fico Art Gallery (Abidjan-Ivory Coast)
       Art 'Galaxie Gallery (Abidjan-Ivory Coast)
       World Bank (Abidjan-Ivory Coast)
2007: US Embassy (Abidjan-Ivory Coast)
2006: International Fair of Naive and Contemporary Arts (Ivory Coast)
2004: Festival of the road of kings and queens (Grand Bassam-Ivory Coast)
2003: Guy Nairay Competition (Abidjan-Ivory Coast)
       Water Festival (Jacqueville-Ivory Coast)
1998: Panafcom competition (Abidjan-Ivory Coast)

2013: Laureate of the Guy Nairay competition (Ivory Coast)
2010: Winner of the Guy Nairay competition (Ivory Coast)
2007: 2nd prize for the logo of the General Council of Adzopé (Ivory Coast)
2003: 2nd prize of the AICF (Ivory Coast)
1995: 3rd centenary prize of the Catholic Church of Dabou (Ivory Coast)

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