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La foule (32x26cm)_edited.jpg


My pictorial concept comes in various forms: Classic supports (Canvas and Paper), Free canvases or Unframed canvases, Traditional mat or Tray, Paper expression, Newsprint ... 

Supports classiques 1.png

Classic supports

Canvas and Papers

Canvases and paper supports have long been supports that have furnished the entire period of my artistic training. These supports (canvas and paper) and mediums (water and oil paint, charcoal, pencil, red chalk…) have favored many creations in my learning process.          But, their classic and academic characters seem to limit my artistic vision (however, they have never been absent from my creation).

Free canvases

Unframed Canvas

To break with the academicism and the classic aspect of canvases and mediums, my approach plunges me into the recovery of pieces of fabric, beaten tree bark (Tapa), burlap, ... in order to demonstrate the grandeur and immensity of the environmental space in which I live.   With the technique of collage and sewing, I express my creative freedom vis-à-vis the constraints and difficulties of life.

Le voyageur (177x161.5cm).JPG
S'abreuver à la source 158x200cm.jpg

Traditional mat


Formerly used as beds, doors, windows, ... the mat contains lives and experiences. It will reveal to me my origins and my identity, before offering me a plastic, graphic (lines, lines, effects, textures, etc.) and natural chromatic richness in my creation.

Paper expression


Today, waste is a major threat to humanity. The responsibility of each of us is engaged, in order to safeguard our environment. As an artist, I try to question the problem of waste through the sheets of paper thrown around me. 
Thus, by the process of braiding and braiding, I smash the digital universe where shapes and colors come together by exposing a population of pixels. The manifestation of the Expression papier concept brings me closer and plunges me into the heart of mosaic and optical art.

Le masque (80x80cm).jpg
Le passant (88X77cm).JPG



By its very nature, newsprint is a medium of communication. But, after extracting the information that interests us, the paper medium is thrown away or abandoned as waste. So, it becomes bulky and polluting our living environment. Concerned about saving the environment, I am leading a recovery and recycling campaign, in order to create supports for pictorial creations with authentic effects and textures.

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