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My Sculptures are Panels, the Witnesses of Time  and Urban Facades ...




Assembly of wood thrown or abandoned in the streets of our neighborhoods, the panels are sculptures on which I place signs, graphic and chromatic symbols. 

In my plastic exploration, I reconstruct the history of men and of society with these wooden planks, so that they can once again come back to life. For me, they represent doors and windows through which I take a critical look at our world.

Witnesses of Time


 Inspired by totems or poles, the Witnesses of Time are the inhabitants of my imagination. They consist of cardboard cores (cardboard pipes) that we throw away and sometimes become waste in the streets of our big cities.
   These mythical characters, sometimes virtues of signs and symbols, shapes and colors, are an awareness of our intellectual, moral, artistic and religious values.
   Through them and with them, I think and I repans the development (social, economic, political, cultural, artistic,…) in the face of the many requirements of our behavioral habits.

Témoins du temps
Ma porte d'entrée 70X100 cm.jpg

Urban facades


African capitals have, since independence, taken the path of modernity by choosing large-scale urbanization like the large modern cities of the world. 
But, over time, the master plan of town planning in our large African cities presents us with facades of anarchic multifaceted cities due to non-compliance with the standards and regulations in force for the construction of houses in town. Thus, the configuration of our cities poses the problem of the future of these agglomerations of neighborhoods.
Through my concept Urban Facades in sculpture, I question not only the facades of the various buildings, but also the urban landscape in general of our neighborhoods through the recovery of debris of wood, planks, materials, ... from constructions or the rubble of homes in distress that populate our environment, to turn them into sculptural works. 
By arranging them and arranging them on the same support, these disparate elements allow me to translate the different impressions and expressions offered by the urban landscape in Africa today. 

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