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My vision

My artistic vision is a quest that responds to the issue of supports and mediums in plastic creation. It is a plastic artistic commitment that allows me to pose the problem of sustainable development, through recovery and recycling as suitable solutions for the sanitation and embellishment of our various cities or our living environment.
My art, as the sum of my experiences (the impact of my birthplace, personal knowledge and the achievements of training in schools and workshops attended), constitutes a means, a possibility for me to offer an alternative to the many difficulties caused by waste in our environment.
These experiences are expressed in concepts which manifest themselves, in turn, in pictorial, sculptural and textile forms.

Le Cri de la Liberté.PNG


My pictorial concept comes in various forms: classic supports, free canvases ...

Les primitifs ( 120X100cm)..JPG


My Sculptures are Panels, the Witnesses of Time  and Urban Facades ...

Les trois compagnons (97x77cm) (3).jpg
Textile (1).jpg

Training and education

I work in the techniques associated with textiles (Batik, Bogolan) ...

Textile (2).jpg
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